How to View Deleted Messages on GB WhatsApp

Sometimes the meaning of us gets annoyed due to the revoking of the messages from the other end in the WhatsApp messenger for Android devices. If someone revoked the messages, then there is no way you can read it again in WhatsApp messenger for Android devices. But you can even read the revoke messages if you are having a modified version of the WhatsApp Messenger for Android devices.

There are various versions of modded WhatsApp Messenger available in the market for Android devices. In this article, we will talk about GB WhatsApp, and it’s a feature of reading deleted messages in Android devices. Head down to the guides below to successfully read the deleted messages on GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

Guide to view deleted messages on GB WhatsApp for Android devices:

These are the following guides to delete messages and trick to view deleted messages on GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

  1. Launch the app from the app list of your Android devices by tapping on the app icon.
  2. When the GB WhatsApp opens up, go to the chat inbox of the contact which you want to delete the messages from.
  3. Tap and hold the message on media files to Mark them which you want to delete from WhatsApp Messenger.
  4. Now after marking those messages, you will get to see the delete icon in the top of the GB WhatsApp screen. The delete icon looks like the dustbin icon.

  1. After tapping on the great icon you will get to see the option to delete for me and delete for everyone option.
  2. Tap on the delete for everyone option to revoke the message from both ends of the GB WhatsApp messenger for Android devices.
  3. Once selected, you will see that the message gets deleted and instead this message is deleted it showing on the place of that messages.
  4. Now you have successfully deleted the message from the Gym WhatsApp for Android devices.

  1. Now to read the deleted messages, you need to enable a special feature in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.
  2. Open the GB WhatsApp once again from the app list of your Android devices.
  3. Now access the meaning of the GB WhatsApp by typing on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.
  4. From the drop-down menu select the privacy option.
  5. Now inside the privacy option go to the below of the list and select enable anti revoke option from there.
  6. Once you select the anti revoke option in the privacy option, GB WhatsApp will be launch and apply the changes in it.
  7. Now if anyone deletes the messages all media files which were sent to you will not get deleted from your end.
  8. It will show that the message has been deleted from the sender’s end, but you will get to see the deleted message even if the send that deletes it for everyone. This is the extra security and privacy feature available only in the modded version of the WhatsApp Messenger, in this case, GB WhatsApp for Android devices.


We have researched various security and privacy features of GB WhatsApp for Android devices. We have listed the full guide to successfully delete the WhatsApp messages from both ends and also to read the revoked are deleted messages in your GB WhatsApp for Android devices. Share this article with other GB WhatsApp for Android users, can also use this useful feature in their GB WhatsApp for Android devices.


Ruthless Activa 5g Colors Price in India Strategies Exploited

What Needs to be Done About Activa 5g Colors Price in India Before It Is Too Late

You might want to check out the way to purchase activa on emi Find the Difference between STD and DLX Honda Motors is offering a range of good accessories at an affordable price accordingly. The Activa now receives the 5G insignia. In addition, if you spot the Activa inside this metallic yellow or the new red colour, then it’s the 5G.

When you take a look at the scooter, you won’t notice too many changes in it. The scooter becomes small tweaks but not a lot of them. Both the scooters are equally good when it has to do with features. Other than this, the new scooter also includes a push button with the assistance of which the rider can unlock the underseat storage and it’s located right close to the ignition keyhole. The new Honda scooter includes a 2-year warranty.

Make no changes and buyers will nonetheless love and purchase it. When it regards scooter sales, nearly all scooters are offered with identical characteristics and prices. While it’s a fantastic buy and isn’t difficult to recommend for someone searching for a no-nonsense scooter, it is not the go-to if you’re searching for premiumness and features.

There are varous color options are obtainable for buyers. There aren’t any critical changes in cosmetics and the engine is the exact same. In regard to features, there is barely any difference as each among them offer 1-2 features more than the other. The cost difference is simply about 600. Most of the folks think of Activa first before purchasing a new scooter. The total expression of the Activa remains the exact same as before in its most recent avatar. Although, it looks just a little bit wider, which not appeal to a few of the buyers.

As colour is going to be the second step you will think about, Once you’ve made choice you may love to take a look at quick features and price of Activa 5G as below. Additionally, these colours supply you with a superior price if planning to sell afterwards. Before you choose the very best activa 5g colors, you should be aware of the name of all colours variants out there.

On the face of the body, it will get an Activa 5G logo embedded on it. The plan of Honda Activa 3G is really a marvel. So, taking into consideration the design, it would be really hard to select a clear winner here as design is a matter of private selection. Thus, the base design of the scooter remains the exact same.

A great deal of the features aren’t found in other 110cc scooters. On the flip side, like both of the other competitors, additionally, it misses out on a number of the features. Despite having the hottest features, it misses out on some rather important features that almost all of its competitors offer. There are only a few new features which have been introduced to the 5G.

New Questions About Activa 5g Colors Price in India

The 5G has far more changes than what the recent Activa 4G. Activa 5G sits on precisely the same wheelbase as 4G that is 1238 mm. The Honda Activa 5G includes several notable upgrades in comparison to the 4G and comes in a wide range of colors to select from too.